About Our

Recycling Company

  • Power Resources deals with recycling and commercialization of different plastic materials for their further processing and application in packaging, agricultural, automotive, construction and consumer sectors, among others. Our business includes as main areas low density polyethylene (LDPE) recycling, rigid polyethylene and polypropylene regrinding, as well as different resins trading.
  • Founded in 2012, our company already has considerable experience in the sector. A good proof for that could be given by the wide network of customers who have placed their trust in both, our products and our professional team.
  • We work in a dynamic and flexible way, we like being close to and treat with dedication all our publics, we bet on quality of the products and service we provide.

Full Service

Production tailored to
each client’s needs.


Professionalism in every
process and service.

Commercial coverage

Commercial coverage of national and
international markets.


Our Mission

  • Waste plastic recycling, offering high quality products and excellent service to client, with the aim to satisfying each specific need in the best way.
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