Recycled pellets

The perfect match between our technical team’s know how and the advanced tecnology that we dispose of allows us to offer high qualitied products on regular basis. At the same time, we guarantee full traceability from the origin of the raw material to the final manufacturer.

Our current porductive capacity is 7.000 tonnes of recycled pellets per year made of low density polyethylene with 100% of post consumer origin. We design tailor made materials with low gels and high transparency. We are specialists in granulate for collation shrink films and the trust of some of the most importan clients in the industry endorses us. In addition, our prodcuts are also perfect for all types of industrial and agricultural films, as well as for a wide variety of bags, like courier, shopping, boutique bags and others.


Low density polyethylene, natural color, made of 100% post commercial film. Product is designed for all kind of shopping and boutique bags, as well as for industrial and agricultural films.


Low density polyethylene made of 100% post commercial film and no color additives, which make it easy to addapt to each client need. Product is desgined for trash and garbage bags, shopping bags or agricultural applications like irrigation pipes, among others.


Low density polyethylene, made of 100% post commercial film. Suitable for differnt kind of industrial and agricultural films as well as a great variety of blown molding products.

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